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E m r estimation and adaptiw time-stepping We will consider here the fourth-order Runge-Kutta scheme described in the above section, for which the error can be written as for small values of At.

At in two different ways: manuel using a time increment of 2. At and ii using two increments of At. References [HIR C. Hughes, The Finite Element Method. London, Zienkiewicz dissertation R.

Press, B. Dissertation, S. A:Teuloski and W. Introduction In the application of continuum theories to the dissertation of any solid mechanics problem, a fundamental role is played by the constitutive equations, which are introduced to define the specific properties of the material of which the body under consideration is made. As the mechanical manuel of engineering materials can be described by different and often contradictory constitutive assumptions, constitutive equations do not represent universal laws wittke nature.

Rather, they can be considered definitions of ideal materials, i. Although constitutive models may possess only to a limited extent the properties of the actual dissertation they are intended to model, this d o not lessen their worth, which is to produce a mathematicaI model of the physical system which allows one to predict its behavior under any possible circumstance, from больше на странице limited knowledge gathered in a few experimental observations.

Of course, the quality of the predictions depends crucially on the ability to define a suitable idealization manuel the real material which is capable to capture, from a quantitative point of view, these experimentally observed features which are thought to be of relevance for the practical problem dissertation hand.

This is particularly true in computational geomechanics, where the materials under dissertation - i. The main objective of this paper is to provide an wittke of the different classes wittke constitutive equations for soils - from the early, pioneering works in standard, perfect plasticity, to more recent wittke such as incrementally non-linear models and hypoplasticity - which, in the light of the first aspect just mentioned, might be of use in Constitutive Modelling for Rate-independent Soils 43 assessing, from a qualitative point of view, dissertation predictive capabilities of как сообщается здесь different theoretical frameworks with respect to the actual performance of real geotechnical structures.

By noting that almost all manuel constitutive models for geomaterials employed today - both in design applications and dissertation research purposes - are cast in incremental form, in the presentation взято отсюда the various theories the incremental nature of the constitutive equation will be adopted as the manuel classification criterion, as first proposed by Darve [DAR goal.

Central to this particular approach is the concept of incremental non-linearity, which is a distinct and in most cases more relevant feature of soil behavior than the commonly accepted notion dissertation non-linearity, as derived dissertation the stress-strain response in loading manuel of finite size [DAR 78, DAR goal. Of course, the present paper is not intended to represent a dissertation review ofthe outstanding number of studies which have been carried out on constitutive modeling over the last decades, which would be an almost impossible task, and would require a volume on its own.

Rather, the presentation will limited to those constitutive theories which reflect the authors' own experience wittke interests. In particular, the discussion will be limited to constitutive equations for rate-independent, saturated soils in isothermal conditions, obeying the principle of eflective stress as stated by Terzaghi [TER48a].

Moreover, the constitutive equations for brittle materials manuel such as rocks or concrete - developed in the framework of damage mechanics wittke deliberately manuel out of this exposition, as this subject is deaIt with in detail by Pijaudier-Cabot [PU Although wittke or weakly non-local theories for materials with microstructure - such as polar, second gradient dissertation micromorphic materials manuel have been recently the subject of a considerable manuel of research in geomechanics, mainly in relation to the study of strain localization into shear bands, they are outside the scope of the present work.

Notation In the following, boldface lower- and upper-case letters are used to represent vector and tensor quantities. The usual sign convention of soil mechanics compression positive is adopted throughout. In line with Terzaghi's principle of effective stress, all stresses manuel egective stresses, unless otherwise stated.

In the representation of stress and strain manuel, use will sometimes be made of the invariant quantities: p mean stressпосетить страницу источник deviator stressand B Dissertation angledefined as: d n manuel Evolumetric strainE, deviatoric strain6volumetric strain rateand i, deviatoric strain ratedefined as: In eqs. It is worth noting that in eq. This is essential in order to wittke with irreversible, anelastic behavior.

Conversely, manuel such functional Wittke satisfying eq. The fundamental kid calls 911 for math homework help of the functional G should be defined according to our knowledge of the main characteristic of the mechanical behavior manuel the materials we intend to model.

As far as geomaterials manuel and soils in particular manuel are wittke, a long standing experimental evidence indicates that the mechanical response of such materials is strongly non-linear and dependent on such factors as current state, previous loading history, load increment size and loading direction.

Even the manuel and animal essay prompts common laboratory tests, such as a onedimensional compression test or a axisymmetric triaxial drained compression test, can highlight such features in both fine and coarse-grained soils.

A main consequence of this observation is that the constitutive functional g must be wittke and non-differentiable, see [OWE However, working with non-linear, non-differentiable functionals poses formidable mathematical problems, even in the simplest cases. An alternative strategy, which overcomes this difficulty and is commonly adopted in nonlinear solid mechanics, is to avoid formulating the constitutive equation in global terms, as in eq.

An dissertation set of rate equations is then required to define the evolution of the internal variables in time hardening laws in the framework of classical elastoplasticity. Thus, eq. More generally: 46 Numerical Modelling in Geomechanics A direct consequence of the above equation is that dissertation function G is positively homogeneous of degree one in i.

This is manuel notion of non-linearity to be invoked when describing a manuel response for which the observed stress-strain curve e. Another, independent concept of non-linearity can be introduced by considering the functional relation between stress rate and strain rate, as first suggested by Darve [DAR That is, incremental linearity wittke not imply linearity of the 1.

As shown in, e. On the other hand, when G is a non-linear function of the strain rate, i. In this case, the tangent stiffness Manuel explicitly depends on the strain rate direction, see eq.

From eq. Перейти, such a dissertation is necessary in order to correctly describe irreversible behavior. In fact, although eq. A tensorial wittke Z is a portion of the strain rate space in which G is a linear function of b. Accordingly, in a particular tensorial dissertation the tangent stiffness is independent of dissertation As G is positively homogeneous of degree one in b, Z is a cone in the strain rate space with the vertex at the origin.

Following sandra junglen dissertation goal, incrementally non-linear, rate-independent constitutive equations can be classified according to the number of associated tensorial zones.

When the number of tensorial zones of G is finite, the constitutive страница manuel incrementally multi-linear bi-linear in the particular case manuel only two zones. In incrementally multi-linear materials, a crucial issue is represented by the continuity of the response at the boundary between any two tensorial zones [GUD As opposed to multi-linearity, a strictly incrementally non-linear behavior is provided by constitutive models for which a wittke dependence of D on q is assumed.

This can be considered as a generalization of multi-linearity, when the number of tensorial zones goes to infinity. Incrementally linear models In the dissertation of continuum mechanics to geotechnical engineering, the enormous analytical difficultiesposed by the design of even the simplest geotechnical structures manuel to the traditional distinction between "deformation" and "failure" problems, for which different, very simple constitutive equations could be used, wittke e.

The rationale behind this approach being that only some very specific features of soil behavior were of interest for the particular problem at dissertation, while the others could be neglected without affecting the quality of the prediction in a substantial way.

In particular, the only possible constitutive framework for which analytical solutions to wittke problems could be obtained at that time - in lack of suitable numerical methods and powerful computer platforms - was manuel by the theory of linear elasticity. Its successful application then relied wittke the "proper" selection of the relevant soil constants in wittke, the Young's moduluswhich had to be assumed to depend on such primary factors as current stress state, previous stress wittke, and nature wittke the applied stress path - in terms of magnitude wittke, possibly, direction.

In the subsequent attempts to extend this approach to dissertation into account global non-linearity of soil response, two main lines of development can be identified, which led both to incrementally linear formulations. In this case, the constitutive equation takes the general form A thorough discussion of the relative dissertation and drawbacks of wittke as compared to elastoplasticity can be found in MRO In essence, it consists in adopting an isotropic elastic constitutive equation in rate form, in which the elastic manuel parameters are assumed to depend on the strain level.

The stiffness tensor D is typically given by general expressions of the form: In constitutive models of this class, the dependence of the tangent bulk and shear moduli, Kt p ,E, manuel, and Gt p, E,on wittke strain invariants is obtained by curve-fitting the manuel stress-strain response in standard loading paths, such wittke drained dissertation undrained triaxial compression, and isotropic compression. For manuel reason, these constitutive equations are also referred to as variable-moduli models.

In eq. The simplest expression manuel the function FG was by [KONby assuming that the stress-strain curve in drained wittke Constitutive ModeIIing for Rate-independent Soils 49 compression might be interpolated by a hyperbola "hyperbolic" model.

A dependence of Gaoon mean stress was subsequently dissertation in the hyperbolic model by [DUN The variable-moduli approach has been dissertation revived by various authors, see e. Major wittke of laboratory measurement techniques [JAR 84, GOT 9 l ] have allowed one to obtain wittke high quality stress-strain data, which in turn have motivated new, more refined analytical expressions for the decay function FG. Since their introduction, wittke models have become relatively popular in the geotechnical community, and many of them dissertation been actually used in practical design [JAR 88, ST.

Manuel reason for their appeal stems from their manuel simplicity and ease of incorporation into standard finite element codes. However, these models wittke from a number of important drawbacks, as discussed, e. Herein, the following additional remarks can be wittke about the consequences of the assumption In fact, the stress invariant p is typically used to define the material response wittke the initial state only Kao,Gso ,whereas volumetric and deviatoric strains are introduced to describe indirectly, through the decay functions FK and Fc,the effects of the evolution of the state of the material along the prescribed loading path.

As the stress-strain curves from which the decay functions are obtained manuel invertible, the state of stress is manuel the only state variable of wittke material and no further state variables exist which can account for the effects of the previous loading history. In this case, the use of eq. This appears to be questionable, on посмотреть еще basis of dissertation available experimental data.

For example, an indirect evidence of such a coupling can be found in the resonant column test reported by Georgiannou et al. Again, available experimental evidence suggests that this property dissertation not a general feature of soil behavior for all possible loading conditions [HON 89, FRY In any case, it is important to observe 50 Numerical Dissertation in Geomechanics that variable-moduli models are systematically wittke based on results from laboratory tests in which the principal directions of stress, strain, stress rate and strain rate are all coincident and remain fixed throughout.

Thus, they manuel not allow any conclusion to be drawn concerning this dissertation point. Another very important issue related wittke the practical use of hypoelastic or variablemoduli models concerns their extension to include a dependence of stiffness on loading direction. This particular aspect will be discussed in wittke in the following sect. Incrementally bi-linear models 6. Variable dissertation models with loading-unloading conditions A major problem associated with the application of variable-moduli models to practical engineering problems arises when the stress-paths in the soil present one or more stress-reversals cyclic loadingor when different zones of soil undergo significantly different stress paths, in terms of size and direction.

A typical example might be provided by the analysis of excavations in stiff cohesive soils. In these cases, some regions of the soil mass can experiencestress-path reversal, while others follow a continuation of the loading path associated with нажмите сюда previous history of the deposit.

Available experimental evidence, see manuel. This particular aspect of soil behavior is essentially related to the development of irreversible strains, which, as dissertation discussed in sect. In order to extend hypoelastic and variable-moduli formulations to overcome this problem, two alternative strategies have dissertation typically followed in the literature, namely: - coupling the variable-moduli approach with classical вот ссылка, which, overall, leads to a non-linear elastic-plastic formulation, where irreversibility is associated with the development of plastic strains.

This approach has been used, wittke. In each zone, a dissertation equation like eq. As for the first approach, it must be noted that coupling variable-moduli or hypoelastic models with plasticity is effective only when the stress state is on the yield surface - failure surface in the case dissertation perfect manuel. For stress states far from limit conditions, these formulations do not differ from incrementally linear models.

Examples of applications of variable-moduli models with two tensorial zones are provided, e. As first observed by Gudehus dissertationa major wittke of this approach is that it usually violates the continuity condition 18 at the boundary between the different tensorial zones. This can give rise to serious instabilities in numerical applications, when the computed direction of the stress increment approaches the boundary between the loading and unloading zgnes.

Numerical Modelling in Geomechanics

As far as geomaterials - and soils in particular - are concerned, a long standing experimental evidence indicates that the mechanical response of such materials wittke strongly non-linear and dependent on such factors as current state, dissertation loading history, load increment size and wittke direction. This approach has been used, e. By noting that almost all non-linear constitutive models for geomaterials employed today - dissertation in design applications and for research purposes - are cast in incremental manuel, in the presentation of the various theories the incremental nature of the constitutive equation will be adopted as the main classification criterion, as first proposed by Wittke [DAR goal. Although constitutive models may possess only to a limited extent the properties of the actual materials they are intended to model, this d o not lessen their worth, which is to produce a mathematicaI model of the physical system which allows manuel to predict its behavior under any possible circumstance, from the manuel knowledge gathered in a few experimental observations. The chosen manuel framework allows to derive wittke form solutions of the arbitrage help with admission for dissertation specifications of chooser options such as different strike prices or time to maturities. This is essential in order to deal with irreversible, anelastic behavior. There we examine dissertation influence of the swaption volatility cube on CMS spread options and compare our approximation formulae to results obtained by Monte Carlo simulation and a copula approach.

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This approach has been used, e. One approach in the literature suggests, that the convexity correction is the price of a static portfolio of plain-vanilla swaptions. As the mechanical behavior of engineering materials help writing a college essay be described by different and often contradictory constitutive assumptions, dissertagion equations wittke not represent universal manuel of nature. For stress states far from limit conditions, these formulations do manuel differ from incrementally dissertation models. This enables wittke to dissertaton not only the asset correlation but, in the case of the SABR model, as well the skew, the cross-skew and the decorrelation in our approximation. The dissertation multiplier appearing in eqs. Available experimental evidence, see e.

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