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Garden and Garden Tips

Well the weather has been a repeat of last week, one day brilliant sunshine so we can get out and about in the garden, the next torrential rain and we are all stuck indoors. Mind you we should not really be surprised, it is Wimbledon this week after all, and Wimbledon is generally a washout! I think this weather is driving us all a little crazy.

The same is true about our dog Rusty as well, one day out playing till his hearts content, but the next he is in a great big hump because he cannot get outside in the garden, well actually he is a fair weather dog and does not like getting wet himself no matter how you try to lure him. He certainly is a dog with attitude, he also has attributes usually connected to camels when there is prolonged rain! Nothing will get him wet.

I bet like us you were looking forward to relaxing in the garden with a good book and a cool drink,or catching up on some of those missed zzzzzzzzz’s., looks like we will have to think again.

The longest day of the year has just passed, and with July just around the corner will summer ever make it. The long term weather forecasters should be sacked, earlier this year they were forecasting one of the hottest years yet, but the way it is going the only record we are likely to break is for the amount of rain. Only yesterday 3 people died in freak flash flooding with hundreds made homeless, not very nice. For some unfortunate people this is the second time this year that they have been hit by floods causing damage and devastation. And of course in the future they might not be able to get house insurance to cover any further disasters, nice hey!!!

Garden tips

As usual just whip that how around the garden to remove any weeds, although if you have been doing this regularly there should be hardly any, but it is good to break the soil, aerating it and keeping the soil loose. A good tip for those of you who have a wisteria is to give it a good prune back. Prune the new growth back to the fifth bud, this may seem a little harsh as you should have carried out a main prune in February, but it will keep it compact and you will end up with a more proliferous flowering and better looking shrub. After all that is what we all want to achieve in our gardens and wisteria is such a showy member in the garden, it takes a lot to beat them.

Another good garden tip is to make sure you keep dead heading your roses, this encourages the new blooms and extends the flowering season. Now is also a critical time to keep an eye on the roses for pests and signs of rust and take action by regular spraying. Aphids are a nuisance around the garden this time of year, your broad beans are likely to be host to black fly, so watch out and the minute you see them nip all the tips out, that should stop them in their tracks.

When we have a break out of pests on anything in our garden, we generally use just soapy water, there are many many pesticide sprays on sale, but these can be detrimental to your health, whereas soapy water is kind to the environment and yourself. If you go to you will find a good article on garden and house plant sprays called – ‘Pesticides – Tumour Risks In Houseplant Pesticides’


Well the grass on our lawns just keeps growing and growing. Unfortunately so does a lot of other unwanted weeds like clover. This is ideal growing conditions for clover to thrive and multiply in. Although it keeps your lawns looking green it does not do your grass any good what so ever, as it ends up choking and smothering it. Go straight down to your local garden center and buy something to get rid of it before it spreads too much. Do not forget that if you do use weed killers, do not use the clippings on your compost for at least three cuts after application. Talking about compost heaps do not forget to turn them often, that means the bottom of the heap should be put on to the top of the heap.

Gardens, Garden Tips

Hi everyone

The cold weather has now arrived, although it is still warmer than it should be at this time of year. It is also a lot dryer too and that has allowed us to catch up with our workload.

Rusty our dog has been enjoying himself with this good weather out in the garden. He has been taking advantage of my wife Sandra because of the dry warm spell she has been outside in the garden. This means he has been able to have his ball thrown for him to chase. One happy and content dog, also he does have a walk every day around the village when weather permits.

Sandra is going to Egypt shortly for seven days to help her chest as she suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). I must admit until my wife was diagnosed with COPD I had no idea what it was. The long and the short of it, is that she has lung damage due to pneumonia that she had when she was a child and until quite recently did not know there was a problem.

We have been absolutely thrilled with our experiment of planting runner beans in pots late in the season when the beans planted in the garden were coming to an end as it was a complete success. We are eating fresh tender beans now and for probably for another two weeks at least.

If you want to read more about what we did with the beans see previous Gardens, Garden Tips articles

Garden Tips

You should have done all your pruning and cutting back in the garden by now, but if you have not there is still time. This is also a good time to prepare the garden areas for next year by digging over all the bare ground ready for next years planting. It will pay you to dig in some good old manure that will nourish the ground.

A good garden tip if you do not want to mess around with wheel barrowing the manure to the garden is to buy some tubs of chicken pellets and spread them over the surface before digging (a real back saver).

The lawns are still growing but at a slower rate. Do not be scared to give them a cut as it will make them look good and will not waste their energy in maintaining the extra length in the plant. Make sure any leaves are raked, blown, vacuumed, brushed or lawn mowed up and then put on the compost heap.