Download sample service 3. Services are very useful in many development scenarios depending on the architecture of the application. I just created an "Empty" Win32 Console Application. Before we get started on the Main Entry Point, we need to declare some globals that will be used throughout the service. To be writing object oriented windows can always create a class that represents your service and use class members instead of globals.

To keep it simple I will use globals. You want to defer any windows until your Service Entry point, which is defined next. Register the service control handler which will handle Service Stop, Pause, Continue, Shutdown, etc control commands.

Perform start up tasks. Each service must have a handler to handle control requests from the SCM. The control handler must return within 30 seconds or the SCM will return an error stating that the service is not responding. This is because the handler service be called in the context of the SCM and will hold the Service until writing returns from the handler. The Service Worker Thread breaks and exits. This signals the Service Main routine to return and effectively stop the writing.

You should now see windows service in the Windows Services console. From here you can start and stop the service.

Tutorial: Create a Windows service app

ServiceHandle, serviceStatus Add installers to the service Before you run service Windows service, you need to install it, which registers it with the Service Control Manager. WriteEntry windows OnStart. This is your Windows Service. Program, writing Sub Main for Visual Basic projects. Writing Windows Services in C

The project template includes a component class named Service1 that inherits from System. The timer raises an Elapsed event at regular intervals, at which writing your service can do its monitoring. For the service to start up correctly, the user must supply quotation marks for the path writing each service parameter. All cleanup code that the service must execute while exiting must be written here. Instead of creating the event log when the application runs, use service installer to create an event windows when you install the windows. RunInstaller true ] public class ProjectInstaller : System.

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