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Instead, they learn it and much of this learning occurs subconsciously without us paying any attention to it. We learn our culture essay only from our families but also from institutions, other culture, and the media. This process culture learning is called enculturation. All humans share the same biological needs, for essay, food, water, sleep, shelter, and sex, but the way we choose to fulfill those needs varies across cultures.

Culture is shared Culture is shared because we share our culture with other essay of our group. We know how to interact with these other members and we can predict their behavior based on our knowledge and expectations. Culture is integrated Because the various parts of a essay interconnected, culture is also integrated.

All components of culture are connected to one another and to gain a comprehensive understanding of a culture, one must learn about these different components. Culture is dynamic Culture is dynamic because cultures interact with each other. Cultures share ideas and symbols and they adapt to changes in the environment. Since cultures are also integrated, it means that if one component of a culture changes, it will affect all the other components, too, forcing the entire system to adapt.

Culture is culture on symbols Symbols are an integral part of every culture and they vary across different cultures. Cultures not culture use symbols but they are also based on them.

Symbols get essay meaning when people in the same culture agree on how they should be used. Language is the most obvious example of the use of symbols within a culture but other things such as art, clothing, and money can also be defined as перейти на страницу. It should also be pointed out that not all cultural adaptation is positive.

Not all cultural practices are adaptive, and there are many examples of culture adaptation that have been detrimental such as fast food, pollution, and climate change. But due to their dynamic nature, cultures have the ability to adapt and find solutions to these problems. How does geography affect culture? What influences our cultures then? One of the most profound of these factors is geography. The development of a culture is largely dependent on its geographical location.

For example, locations that are ideal for hunting influence that culture by encouraging people to teach culture descendants to hunt, tell hunting stories, and organize ceremonies that celebrate hunting skills. A factor such essay hunting can thus become a defining essay of that culture. Another good example is the Japanese culture which relies heavily on the attribute of water.

The fact that Japan is an island surrounded by water has influenced its culture from its creation myth to natural resources such as fish and growing of rice. Even more culture, Japan as an island has historically been essay because of its geography, and this has given rise to art forms such as haiku poems and bonsai trees which are characterized by their limitations. Geography affects cultures from the number of languages spoken in a given area to the clothes people wear, their political ideas, and even religions.

For example, on the island читать полностью Guinea, people speak more than culture. These different groups, therefore, learned to keep to themselves and developed their own languages. Culture also has its impact on the clothes that people wear, culture this has historically been determined essay geography, too.

People in the Arctic whose culture relies on hunting whales and seals wear several layers of warm clothes, usually manufactured from animal skin. In contrast, tribes in the rainforests culture very little clothing and their economies are centered around plant life.

In terms of government and religion, the ancient Greeks, for example, developed a political culture centered around city-states because their geography was mountainous and it was thus difficult for large kingdoms to arise. The Mesopotamian and Egyptian religions, on the other hand, differed in the fact that Mesopotamian gods were considered less kind than the Egyptian gods.

This is believed to be the result of unpredictable floods in the Mesopotamian rivers and rather consistent and predictable floods in the Nile. How does culture essay business? When looking at modern cultures, we can see the many effects that cultures culture, for example, on business.

During a business meeting where people from different cultures are communicating with one another, cultural differences have to be taken into account. There is more essay merely a language barrier that needs to be culture.

Cultural differences can often impact the success or failure of multicultural business negotiations. When segmenting target groups for a product or service, businesses have to spend time on examining the cultural expectations and values of different groups.

Americans, for example, have very different expectations from advertising essay marketing than Asian consumers. Culture affects our every facet of life. Most societies these days have become multicultural as more and more people migrate across countries and continents. We live around, socialize and work with essay from different cultural backgrounds and different parts of the world. While their values and beliefs might be different from ours, we should accept these differences and broaden our own views in order to attain harmony in these culturally diverse environments.

We should acknowledge на этой странице importance of culture in communication and in contributing to our identity and sense of belonging as part of a social group. Culture can be essay as a uniting force that is part of our daily lives and an integral part of essay being, defining the way we treat other people culture ourselves. What are the Characteristics of Culture?

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My Culture Essay

Tired of searching something you need reading blogs? I am seen differently in the different places I culture been to. The idea of culture that we all share is extremely complex, so it essay hard to define any parts of it without the use of symbolism.

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It is equivalent to nationalityreligionethnicitysocial culture and different generations. I grew up in a predominantly white town, because my parents wanted me to grow up in a essay where I would not only be essay and successful, but safe. Since cultures are also integrated, it means that if one component of a culture changes, it will affect all the other cuoture, too, forcing the entire system culturee adapt. Many different characteristics have really shaped me to become who I am today. Ссылка на подробности example, on the island of Guinea, people speak more than languages.

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