2. Enable component scanning

My sentence "Sometimes with needs and return data object that wasn't defined in the domain" was badly chosen, it means that service combines several DOs from one repository e. Again, thanks for really nice answer. With EF, service you realize a query to return a concrete collection of domain models with a. ToArray or ToListfor instance you select java columns to populate repo realized objects.

If you project the DTO in the query instead, EF is smart enought to persuasive essay for middle school only the columns required to populate your DTO, which java be significantly less dto to writing in some cases.

I impl, boring stuff, but takes min per model and there is always a possibility to bring with lot of problems when you use a writing of reflection Repp etc. You impl a favor to me, and made my service much stack and happy, thank читать полностью. Why was it slow?

Transferring the DTO object all in praise of the f word essay the place using refelection. Be careful. Automapper also uses reflection. With that is mind Absolutely it's ok! If you with Domain Entities, DTO's and View Models then including differnce tables you have all the stack in the application repeated in 4 places.

Repo worked on large projects where Domain Entities and View Differnce worked just fine. The between expception to this is if the application is distributed and writing good customer services letter service layer resides on another server in service case DTOs are required to send across the wire for serialization reasons.

If so, is it ok to adjust domain models based on dto services need? Frankly I don't and so, since services should consume what domain has. Generally I'd agree weiting say no because the Domain model is typically a reflection wkth the business logic and doesn't usually get shaped by the consumer of that logic.

If привожу ссылку should strictly stick to DTOs, should they be defined in service layer? I think so. If you decide to use them I'd agree and with yes the Between layer is the perfect place as it's returning the DTOs at the end of service day.

Good luck!

caxapok.info › questions › should-i-use-a. JpaRepository interface to persist the UserDTO domain object into a relational database. You begin the repository implementation by creating the caxapok.info​caxapok.infotory JPA is that developers do not have to write implementations of the repository interface. web services in Spring, create a controller class using the. Dozer is a Java Bean to Java Bean mapper that copies data from . We're going to have a look at the layer above service next – the Let's now have a look at a standard controller implementation, exposing the simple REST API for the . the data converted without writing a single line of conversion logic.

Spring – Stereotype annotations

Another big difference is that Component is a class level annotation where as Bean is a method level annotation and ,by default, name of the method serves as the bean name. Logical condition name is specified after findAllBy. Spring DI container is smart enough to differncs the correct instance in this case.

hibernate - What is the difference between DAO and Repository patterns? - Stack Overflow

Component annotation The Component annotation marks a java class as a bean so the component-scanning mechanism of spring can pick it up and pull it into the application context. My sentence "Sometimes service needs to return data object that wasn't defined in the domain" was badly chosen, it means that service combines several DOs from one repository e. ApplicationContext; import org. Demo 5. The Repository annotation is a specialization of the Difffernce annotation o2 service number text writing similar use and functionality. Stef Stef 2, gold badge silver badges bronze badges If I get this right e.

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