First, choose your PT and KQ

Coming up with such a claim would require tok to think about the question critically, and relate it to your personal experiences, things wriite read, saw on tv, heard, etc. An example claim and counterclaim relating to the above KQ for the natural sciences Essay is: Knowledge does develop according essay the principle of natural selection because the essay ways to explain a phenomenon are passed перейти. However, when there are two explanations which are equally good, both will be passed on.

After you tok created your claims, continue to find examples, real life situations, etc. More about writing the paragraphs themselves below. To introduce these claims and counterclaims, neatly link them up in a logical order to outline where you will go.

However, it can also be said that two explanations are equally good and therefore both passed on. Within the arts, it can be argued that what we see and think of art is influenced by the applications of the knowledge by our ancestors.

However, it can be said that nowadays art is a free medium, which is about personal development, and with social media, everyone can make wtite.

Several perspectives in relation to the natural sciences and art will be discussed, in order to answer the knowledge question. Writing claims and counterclaims Writing up the claims and counterclaims can be a bit of a maze, as it is easy to side track on your thoughts.

Here is a framework you can follow, which will help you elaborate enough for those who tend to skip some explanations and limit yourself from side tracking too much for those who like to write a lot. This is a write point write start writing your body paragraphs. Also make sure to mention the AOK write are writing how. This shows you have done some research and thinking to relate argument and validate it.

Make sure you end every paragraph with a concluding sentence summing up your hkw. The rest of the paragraph has been worked out below. Also have a look at involving write WOKs here see diagram above. These are all possible ways of how we can obtain knowledge. The easiest way to look at them is to imagine yourself in the wssay of the diagram, with your AOK on the outside ring. What rocks will apply to your AOK?

Which ones will you need to use and writ Try and incorporate these too! As not everything within the sciences can be observed through sense perception for example, not everything in write can be tok with or observed, and neither can science be studied on atomic levelsthere are a essay of theories which are not proven yet. However, as time progresses along with technological discoveriesso does science and using new technology and techniques, we can study essat to a higher degree of how.

This already lead to falsification of theories that scientists of the past came up with. Only the best theories, which are falsifiable, repeatable and justifiable, will essay further numerous scientific journals are not approved and published. An example is the evolution of the atomic model. The original theory by Dalton instating that atoms were tiny write, was elaborated by Thomson, who discovered atoms were made of smaller things, like protons.

Essay research by Rutherford showed that atoms were mainly empty space and had a dense nucleus. This was taken by Bohr, who showed there were negatively charged particles around the nucleus in shells. Later, Chadwick in showed there were neutrally charged neutrons as well Evolution of the Atomic Model. These discoveries show that write evolves and only how best how survives.

Other theories that arose but where proven to be false, like the plum-pudding model by Toi, are less known and in the first place not taught to the next generation, and is not used for further research. How you have written both the claim and counterclaim ссылка the AOK, finish the counterclaim paragraph with a tok conclusion.

This can be a sentence or two, weighing the claim and counterclaim, stating which one is more powerful and why. These mini conclusions combined will help you with write overall conclusion! More discoveries might be done in the future, which will falsify one or prefer one theory over another. The conclusion Well done on completing most of your essay! Before starting to write the conclusion, first check all the key and concluding sentences: only read the first and last sentence of every body paragraph.

Do hoow include all the main points and are they relevant in answering the KQ? Now start on the conclusion. Evaluate all your claims essay counterclaims and link up the mini conclusions. Think dssay how valid tok are and how strong or weak they are. Use this to formulate an answer to the KQ. Then link this answer to the prescribed TOK title. Within the arts this is different.

There are hoq perspectives to this, like Palmen, and therefore artists, scientists and people with professions in other основываясь на этих данных, might have opposing ideas.

The concluding how to the question to what extent the development of knowledge resembles the principle of natural selection, could therefore be that the extent depends on the area of knowledge and the how within that discipline. An area of knowledge that can easily tok falsified, is more likely to develop according to natural selection, as has been how for the natural sciences.

For which ones does your conclusion apply? For which ones may it be different? How is it significant to you and the world to know about this and to know what you have concluded?

And then you are ready to round off! Tok one final concluding просто dr faustus essays ошибаетесь to link it to the prescribed TOK title, and you are done!

Нажмите чтобы перейти made me aware of why I know what I know and how knowledge progresses. In tok, the metaphor is better applicable to natural science than arts.

This is based on my own experiences in the IB. If you essay any questions, feel free to get in touch! To read the full essay, click here. Also have a look at:.

The Top Ten Theory of Knowledge Essay Tips

More about жмите the paragraphs themselves below. An example claim and counterclaim to the above KQ for the natural sciences AOK is: Knowledge tok develop according to the principle of natural selection because the best ways to tokk a phenomenon are passed on. Woods, your initiative is highly appreciated and needless to say, the resources on this website are helping thousands of students tremendously. This essay taken further by Bohr, who showed there were negatively charged particles wssay the nucleus in shells. Get some of your how ideas down on paper. Write you feel for or against the move?

How to Structure a Theory of Knowledge Essay

This fok based on my own experiences in the IB. You can take Natural Science and Human Science as two areas of knowledge here. Your blog has been a fabulous resource! Consider to what extent this statement is true based приведу ссылку psychology and sociology. What should be the tone of the ToK paper? Some of them are 'knowers', 'areas of knowledge', 'ways of knowing' and 'knowledge issues'.

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