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We are nothing without knowledge, and education is what separates essay from others. The main step to acquire education is enrolling oneself in a school. School serves as the first learning place for most of the people.

Similarly, it is the first spark in receiving an education. My school is my second home where I spend most of my time. Above all, it gives me a platform to do better in life and also builds my personality. I feel blessed to study in one of the school prestigious and esteemed schools of the city. In addition, my school has a lot of assets which makes me feel fortunate to be a part of it.

In this essay on my school, I will tell you why I love my school and what my school has taught me. Why I Love Ссылка School? My school strikes the perfect balance between modern смотрите подробнее and vintage architecture. The vintage buildings of my school never fail to mesmerize me with their glorious beauty.

However, their vintage architecture does not mean it is out-dated, as it is well-equipped with all the contemporary gadgets. I see my school as a lighthouse of education bestowing essay as well as ethical conduct upon us. In contrast to other schools, my school does not solely focus on academic performance. In other words, it emphasizes on the overall development of their students. Along with our academics, extra-curricular activities are also organized at our school.

This one of the main reasons why I love my school as it does not measure everyone on the same scale. Our hardworking staff gives time to each child to grow at their own pace which instills confidence in them.

My school has all the facilities of a library school, computer room, playground, basketball court and more, to essay we have it all at our disposal. For the lessons are irreplaceable and I can never be thankful school for them. I learned to share because of my school. The power of sharing and sympathy was taught to me by my school. I learned how to be considerate towards animals and it also one of the main reasons essay I adopted a pet.

A school is a place where I developed my artistic skills which were further enhanced by my teachers. Subsequently, it led me to participate in inter-school completions through which I earned various awards. Most importantly, my school taught me how to face failures with grace and never give up on my ambitions, no matter what happens.

To sum it up, studying in one of the respected schools has helped me a lot personally. I will always be indebted to my school for shaping my personality and teaching me invaluable lessons. Essay has given me friends for life and teachers that I will always look up to. I aspire to carry on the essay imbibed by my school to do well in life and school it proud.

FAQs on School Q. The experience is one a kind and along with education, we learn many other things school socializing, extra-curricular ссылка на подробности and more. It teaches us to develop our skills like art, dance, public speaking and more. Most importantly, it teaches us discipline.

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Essay on My school for Class 6, 7 and 8th

Huge windows in the class allow sufficient sunlight into the rooms. With a lush garden outside, the school building presents a magnificent view. Join more than 50, subscribers receiving regular updates!

My School Essay | 10 Lines, Short Essays & Speech For Students

Inside the campus too, there essay abundant nature with almond trees lining the divide between buildings and many shrubs and essay bordering different sports grounds. I read in the St. The entire students used to accumulate ky the play area during the morning time for the prayer and school go back to their particular schoolrooms. We also have a huge playground in the school where our daily assembly and all the other activities take place. Let me know продолжить чтение you think steps in writing paper school article. Our Class teacher greets us daily and asks about us. We all should feel proud on our school because it has prepared the best minds.

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