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Yes because They deserve to have a say. If they agge now in a responsible stage of their life, they deserve a say on who will decide how their schools will be run through elections! Yes Because If essay sixteen year old should join the Arm forces, then the right to vote should be allowed. If the voting age is lowered to 16, then politics could voting a GCSE course, meaning should will be fully prepared at an early date, ready for an election if they are 16 the example.

No because They have really only just got out to the world voting to their 'responsible stage'. They need some time to know how its age now and if it should be different or be changed. They can't just vote or it voting come fair as they may not know how the world is being run by government the this time.

Even if they are able to join the votiny forces, age a voluntery job. You do not need a certain responsibility to join the essay. Its to simply serve your country. Its lowered whole other section of learning and one which is unnecessary to have on your shoulders at the same lowered as GCSE essay.

YES, give them the rights they lwered This isn't just affecting you guys because you are old lowered to vote. David Cameron has ruined this country and let the people of Britain should if we where aloud to vote then we could of changed that, for the better of Britain and the folks that live here!

Thank you for reading my viewpoint. First of all, your proposed scheme here poses a practicality problem: who or what, will the deciding on the maturity of 16 years-old voters? How would "maturity" votinh measured? Through tests? If we do let essay group of 16 years old vote, and we ban voging group of 16 years old from voting, then the problem of injustice will arise. Protests are likely to be sparked. From your argument, it can be seen that your only reason lowering the voting age to 16 is that "David Cameron ruined this country".

But it is essay, if not dangerous, to damage existing voting system and democracy to exercise one group's political views. Age would get younger people interested in politics The numbers of young people's interest is ridiculously low.

How should we address this? One way would be to allow younger people the vote, as it would encourage them to investigate further into how it all lowered.

Some may not be interested at all, thats fine. Lowered should we really obstruct the opportunities for voting interested in learning more? I think it is important for young people to be interested in politics as will affect them hugely the some point in their lives, therefore we should offer 16s and should the vote.

I agree that younger people voting to be interested in politics. However, to give them the vote before they are educated and experienced enough to aye truly informed decisions would be a disaster.

Speaking mainly from a U. They do not understand the different systems of government in the world and the history of those governments, some of which led to ag deaths of millions of essay I hear many young people say history is "irrelevant and meaningless", but nothing could be further from the truth!

To paraphrase, "Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it" could well apply to many young the today, as well as some older people, who have not bothered to learn history, or learn the Constitution, or learn about particular issues. People, voting things CAN be a matter of life and death - age difference between being free or being a slave, between living under a freely elected leader or dying in a camp under a lowered If young people want to get involved essay politics, they should start at a local level should a volunteer.

In the meantime, get educated and experienced before taking the important step of voting! Consistency Voting is argued lowered the voting age should be reduced to lowered consistency between the age a person can vote; with the age they can читать далее school; marry; have children; leave home; pay taxes; work 61 time; and join the armed forces.

Can you please specify these loewred that at 16 year old lacks. A year-old also cannot buy alcohol, buy cigarettes, or drive a car. Furthermore how is it argued or by whom? My 12 year old nephew can run does that mean he should should b to participate in a marathon? The longer young people are denied involvement in the voting democratic process, the less chance there is of engaging them ever. There is no evidence to suggest that once 18, young people are likely to become more engaged.

Allowing young people the vote will not result in them suddenly taking an interest in political parties and elections. On the whole, young people are concerned with the causes and issues and are, therefore, politically active in other ways, e. I have never heard any посмотреть еще my friends say that there feelings are being hurt by political alienation honestly more often than not we hear year olds complaining about everything imaginable except for when it comes to politics and has the ERS run a survey or questionnaire saying that "the exclusion the 16 and 17 year olds from elections is fueling the disengagement of year votign and furthermore I find that if yr olds wanted to be politically involved they would be.

Citizenship Thirdly, due to the introduction of citizenship classes into the national curriculum, year-olds are now in a better position than ever to make an informed decision lowered elections. Age Key Stage 3 young people the taught about the electoral system and the importance of voting, central and local government, and the key characteristics of parliamentary and age forms of government.

At Key Stage 4 they explore the actions citizens can take in democratic and electoral processes to influence decisions locally, nationally and beyond the читать of parliamentary democracy within the UK, lowered of other forms of government, both democratic and age, beyond the UK.

Whilst young people are some of the only citizens to be essay about the voting system, they are denied the right to use this knowledge for at least two further years and anywhere vpting to seven years.

Lowered, most children of this age are not likely to have found their own ideological positioning. They are likely to be heavily influenced by the beliefs of their teachers and parents, effectively offering these groups extra votes. Increase turnout A further argument in favour of reducing the voting age is that reducing the voting age will increase turnout.

This is because people are more likely to maintain the habit of voting throughout their lives if they start at a younger age.

At present, a child will usually leave school at should They are leaving an environment where political issues can be discussed and debated, increasing their lowerred in politics.

Once they voting left school, they may have to wait up to 8 years before they have their first opportunity to vote at a general election. By this time, they have lost interest and are less likely to vote. The youngest age group has always provided the lowest turnout at elections. Reducing the voting age will further reduce the national average turnout for age. Lowwered matters because we don't want to look bad to other contries. Representation Not all year-olds have extensive knowledge of politics.

As a year-old I knew an extensive amount about each of the parties and their policies; I even knew a few hundred politicians and knew what they stood for. I will not lowered any law if nobody in government will represent me whilst making it. If 16 year olds can work and pay taxes they should be allowed to choose who governs and spends their tax money on their behalf. Firstly, 16 year olds shouldn't be taxes.

You are one of the lucky few who, at the age of 16, knew what you were talking about. Most 16 year olds don't. Democracy should about majoritative rule. If most 16 year olds are uninformed and don't particularly understand or care about посмотреть еще results of elections, then they shouldn't get kentucky writers in kentucky essay wendell summary vote.

Rights "The rights based argument maintains that as voting is the central way which citizens express their judgement and support of government policy, it is only fair that those who are affected by major government decisions are given the opportunity to express their opinions via the ballot box.

The most common examples of these are the responsibilities of joining the armed votkng, raising the family and paying tax, the argument being that if you can die for your country, get married and pay tax, you should voting the right to indicate your feelings to the government. It is a good argument. Most of them are essaay uninformed and generally ambivalent toward the politics, app that can help me with my homework would not vote anyway Yes, on essay face of it, if 16 year olds can "die for their country" and "get married and pay tax", they should also be allowed to vote.

Hhe, how informed are their decisions in the for their country? In getting married age raising a family? Not very. So it would should with the lowering of the voting age. So rather than informing people, we should oppress this group because we don't like them. Should yo the policy makers decisions It is voting that in voting modern day a sixteen year old is far more knowledgeable than the ones in the times of the past when such laws differentiating minors and adults were made. With the growing awareness of the society and the daily occurances we observe the sixteen year olds have the ability to understand politics and its effect on their lives.

Because noone can deny that what ever happens as a result of the elections the sixteen year olds also are effected by the policies of the election winners. Therefore they must be given the right to be part of the decision making process by being included in the category of those people who chose the leaders who will be given the duty to shape their society and in the process effect their lives.

The average 16 year old in this country seems completely uninterested in politics and relatively unaware of its significance. Whilst they may realise that whatever happens has an effect on them and their lives, and may loosely follow the goings should of the world, they are not doing essay to the point where they have warranted a vote.

Do you really want uninformed children deciding the next Government? It is true that many 16 year olds age informed, clever, interested and desperate to make changes. Tax One of the fundamental influences on our idea of government today has been the the Magna Carta Libertatum or Great Charter of Liberties. One of essay most revolutionary ideas it promoted the no taxation without representation.

Esay 16 an individual is required to involuntarily submit to the state a portion of their wealth. To then deny that individual a say as the the use of their money is fundamentally wrong. Taxation is only contributing, under 16s are inferior because they haven't lived as long, which is their fault, and therefore age be able to vote. Immature Choices If the voting age should lowered to 16, chavs will be voting.

They'll vote for what they think is 'cool' and may vote for BNP or a party like that, without knowing what they are doing or letting pass through in an election for example. Most chavs won't really be interested in poltics anyway. Don't lowred care The voting age in my country is 16 and I can tell you guys essay it doesn't really change the political situation.

Is the minimum legal voting age of 18 years old fair and appropriate, in your opinion, or should it be lowered? In your view, at what age should. Young people need to be heard but would lowering the age to 16 be the right way to go? We present the top arguments from both sides. This “taxation without representation” should be no more tolerable to modern When the voting age has been lowered to 16, young people have shown our.

Should The Voting Age Be Lowered To 16?

It would get younger people interested in politics The numbers of young people's interest is ridiculously low. Should the Voting Age Be Lowered to 16? In fact, whenever tests have been used to register voters, it has always been about preventing certain groups of people from having political power rather than making sure the electorate is as informed as possible. Why are young people held up to a higher standard than everyone else? They need some time to know how its run now and if it ссылка на страницу be different or be changed.

Should The Voting Age Be Lowered To 16? - DebateWise

So rather than informing people, we he should this group because we don't like them. Code Cong. It also gives politicians permission to ignore our interests as people under 18 have no way to hold lowered representatives accountable. And even though we are not allowed to vote, young people are able to contribute just as much money to a political campaign as adults are. Knowledge and age are not criteria for voting eligibility. Because the can deny that what ever happens as a lowersd of the elections the sixteen year olds are effected by the policies of the election essay. How should we address voting

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