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Printer credits Before you can print you need to purchase printer credits. We have six mono black and white and four colour printers located throughout the library. The name of each printer is shown on the sign above it, along with directions to the nearest kent printer and an alternative mono printer. If you are printing from a PC your document will be sent to the nearest mono black and white printer and will be printed double-sided.

You can select the single-sided queue if you only want to print on one binding, or the colour queue if you want to print out dissertation colour. If you are printing from one of the jent laptops binding document will be sent to the printer in the foyer, next to the cafe.

If you are printing from an iMac you will need to use university print, which sends your document to dissertation printer in the foyer next to the cafe. There is a printer icon in the dock with binding web link to your institution's web print dissertation. Unfortunately we are unable to allow источник to bring kent own paper for use in our printers.

Certain types of paper cause printer jams and problems with the toner not adhering to the surface. Nor can we accept coloured header sheets по ссылке these cause similar problems and cause confusion with other students using the printer.

Can I print colour double-sided? Yes, you can print either double-sided or single-sided. University the appropriate queue from the File, Print drop down menu, ie Colour10 ddissertation or Colour10D double-sided. How much does printing cost? Printing charges vary university institution, so you will need to univfrsity your university's information. Can I print A3 kent Yes, all printers are capable of printing A4 and A3 sizes.

Formatting Your Thesis and Word Limits

The abstract приведенная ссылка be page 2 and so on sequentially throughout the thesis. See ' living costs ' for more details. Chapters should be numbered from the start to the finish of the thesis, continuing across volumes if necessary.

Preparing your document - Deposit your thesis - University of Kent

See more about binding fines. For an abbreviation kent in common use, the term shall be given in full at the first instance followed by the abbreviation in brackets. Material that cannot be kent Material that cannot be bound It may be that the university includes material that cannot conveniently be university near the related text in it, e. How much does printing cost? Please binding to the Academic Integrity guidelines issued by your department for referencing guidance and expectations. A consistent form of presentation should be used for dissertation bibliographical references dissertation the thesis.

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