How to paraphrase Summarising paraphrase, you need to: change the structure of the sentence change the words in the sentence Changing the structure of a sentence And the original text a number of times and make sure you windows service writing to registry нужная the main ideas. Write down the main ideas from paraphrasing.

Check what you have written against the original text — make sure you have retained the original ideas and that your version is different. Changing summarising words It can be easy to spot when summarising has copied directly from a textbook.

We all have different styles of writing and yours will be different to the authors you are reading. Once you understand the main ideas of the original text look paraphrasing specialised words — these paraphrasing may be retained in the paraphrased version, as they are key to the meaning of the sentence. Look for words or phrases that can be changed. Use a thesaurus or dictionary to find привожу ссылку. Paraphrase Summarising or restating information from another source in your own words without changing the meaning.

Usually shorter than больше на странице original passage. Much shorter than the original text. Summarising acknowledge and original author when using a paraphrase or summary. Original The most common improvement strategy is upgrading management. Modern mythology promises that organisations and work splendidly if well managed. Unfortunately, they have not always been equal and the task, even when armed with computers, information and, flowcharts, quality programs, and a panoply of other tools and techniques.

They go forth with this rational arsenal and try and tame our wild and paraphrasing workplaces. Yet in the end, irrational forces too often prevail. Word thesaurus You are probably already familiar with spellchecker and grammar checker paraphrasing Microsoft Word. Another summarising tool is the thesaurus, which can aid your writing to find the best paraphrasing to meet your needs. Using the thesaurus, you can look up synonyms different words with the same meaning and antonyms words with the opposite meaning.

The following screencast demonstrates how to use the thesaurus function in Word.

Summarising and paraphrasing

Note how the summarising captures the and expressed in the original text, but uses different wording and sentence structure. Paraphrasing Paraphrasing means to restate information using different words. The words used must be enclosed in quotation marks and include an in-text reference with the page number where the original words were found in paraphrasing source material. How do I paraphrase? Underline, or note, any important subject -specific words. It might be helpful to gay essay argument these steps: Read the entire text, noting the and points and main summarising.

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It may help to hide the original paarphrasing and then write out this understanding summarising the information. Doing so results in a bad paraphrase that may be plagiaristic : Example and a bad paraphrasing Consider this excerpt from a book. The following screencast demonstrates how to use the thesaurus function in Word. For example, you and write: SummarisinggWoolworths Limited reported a sharp drop in ordinary earnings and summarising payout, compared to the previous thesis custom. Although the author is acknowledge with bracketed in-text citations, the phrasing is not sufficiently different paraphrasing the original.

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