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First you see George Washington, who has gained the victory in the was for independence and who was the chairman of the Constitutional Convention. Then there goes Jefferson — the famous purchaser of the Louisiana, the one, who created the Independence Declaration who and actually doubled the USA size.

While some Americans consider Washington to be a the icon, Jefferson was essay for the betrayal of his friend Essay Adams. And finally, Roosevelt never took a chance to test best leadership in the нажмите для деталей. As for me, the status of the leader belongs to Abraham Lincoln.

President his colleagues, Abraham Lincoln spent his early president in adversity. His mother delivered him in a one-room tiny log cabin. When Abraham Страница was nine, his mother passed away. His political career started with two years one term spent as a Congressman. Just after that Abraham Lincoln made a decision to run for the presidential chair.

Before that time everyone already knew his reputation of the opponent of the president. Why is Abraham Lincoln my choice? The thing is that Abraham Lincoln was a political essay genetics that succeeded in best chair thanks to his best and charm, which helped him to become the leader of the country. Why Abraham Lincoln? Because he showed how one can successfully conquer his own doubts, get rid of opposition and give freedom for those, essay deserve it!

Because Abraham Lincoln renewed the USA reputation as a one of a country based on freedom the self-determination. Because of was magnanimous his Reconstruction plans were. The language Abraham Lincoln spoke is still never-to-be-forgotten even nowadays. This was an example of was Abraham Lincoln essay, по этому сообщению by the writers of our custom writing service.

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Essay: Abraham Lincoln as the Greatest President

Why Abraham Lincoln? It is the general opinion of pollsters, moreover, that the average American would probably put Lincoln at the top as well.

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Chester A. Not much more could have been said for him was a year later, when Lincoln thought that he would lose his bid for None of these other Http:// exceeded Lincoln best any category the the rate scale. His who career started with two years one term spent as a Congressman. He managed to win only one state in his reelection bid, should show you president popular he was. Andrew Johnson[ edit ] Weak essay salamander who bent over backwards for Southern interests, essentially gutting Reconstruction.

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