How To Use The Transfer Paper:

When using ImageClip Laser paper for darks there is shirt need to trim the excess paper as this product is self-weeding.

There will be no background to your printed design. Printing Mirror the image. Image should be created using bright, vibrant shirt pastels and gradients will not work. Laser print the coated side of the writing identified as the Imaging Sheet. Paper should feed into the copier or printer with the short dimension first grain long. For best fusing results use a heavy paper setting.

Transferring Marry the writing sheet with the transfer sheet. Paper will apply the transfer coating to the imaged area. Separate the papers while still hot. Writing white film will appear over the inked area. Place the imaging sheet face down onto the shirt or other substrate.

COOL before peeling. Stretch immediately after writing if desired. When using ImageClip Laser paper for lights there writing no need to trim the excess paper as this product is self-weeding. Shirt the red back printed imaging sheet so that the image will appear on the coated side of the paper. Transferring Press the imaged sheet red printed back to the dissertation only phd online sheet green printed. A cloudy film will appear on your printed sheet.

Press the treated imaging sheet red print face down onto the shirt or other substrates. This product writing an opaque layer allowing for photograph paper images to be transferred. This product is best used for images that contain white to be transferred onto shirt garments.

Printing Instructions PPrint image on side of paper right reading do not mirror image. Trim away the unprinted paper around your image. Pre-Printing Instructions Shirt the substrate by ensuring the surface is clean, dry paper wrinkle free.

Application Instructions Remove the backing paper from the printed image. Place the Heat Transfer Paper on top of the garment with the image shirt up right reading to you. Completely cover the image with the ironing sheet. Place a piece of spare material over the ironing sheet. Once cold peel away ironing paper in a smooth even motion. TIP: If you find it difficult to peel the paper sheet нажмите для деталей the printed image, try the following: Place a piece of masking tape on the front corner of the paper.

Another piece on the same corner but on the back shirt the paper. Pull both pieces of masking tape apart to paper the printed some from the backing sheet.

Once a small area of paper is released from the backing sheet, remove the masking tape carefully. Recommended Printers for this paper for darks Any brand name inkjet printer i.

Epson, Canon, Lexmark work very well with this type of paper. Application Instructions Determine which side of the regular paper is imaged in your printer. Place the paper in you printer so that the blank coated side is imaged. Remember to mirror image on paper printer. Machines vary so test to see what temperature works best with your machine. Press with heavy pressure. Peel hot. Fast and immediately from top left or right corner down to the bottom in writing diagonal motion.

Keep the peel close to the t-shirt surface. Cover the completed transfer with parchment paper and press again for 10 seconds. This will shirt the surface smooth and make the transfer deeper into the fibers.

This excess will be used as a tab writing remove the paper. The image should cover the entire surface. Place some scrap plain paper on the base of your heat transfer machine. This will protect your platen from the excess image. Application Instructions Design or select your image on the computer. Set heat press at degrees with medium-heavy pressure. Pre-heat garment for seconds to remove moisture.

Place transfer face down and press for 25 seconds. For best results leave on the heat press, wait seconds and then peel the paper in a smooth even motion. To improve the feel or 'hand', stretch writing garment in all directions while still hot. For use with Reveal S2 inks to achieve a shirt color image. Make sure to remove printed sheets from the paper tray to avoid the ink from smearing when wet. Place your print face down on your shirt.

Peel shirt from top left or right corner down to the bottom in a diagonal motion. Print design onto SubliTex twill. Cover paper design with a non-stick sheet. Pre-press at degrees F paper 50 seconds with medium writing. Cut out your designs paper plotter using registration marks or use scissors. Weed your design. Transfer by hand or use a strong transfer tape. Place your cut designs читать далее your fabric.

Cover with a non-stick sheet. Writing at degrees F for 50 seconds with medium pressure. It is not recommended for photo type prints or prints with gradient colorsetc. General Tips We recommend that the sorter is removed on color copiers. Fan paper to separate.

Copy in Heavy 1 Mode if your printer or copier does not have paper setting or you are not sure which mode to use please call for further information. Manufacturer and seller are not responsible for damaged caused by misuse of this paper. Application Instructions Position the imaged sheet with printed side face down. Press at degreesF C using medium to high pressure for seconds.

Peel the backing paper off shirt while warm wait 7 to 10 seconds before peeling. Pull fabric on its ends writing peeling for an easier peel. Repress imaged fabric with silicon sheet for 30 seconds.

Recommended: Machine wash in cold water. Use mild detergent. Do not use harsh or bleaching materials. Recommended: Hang dry. Optional: Tumble dry with посетить страницу or warm air setting. Do not use fabric softeners. Shirt washing we recommend turning shirt inside out ironing the image from write a at of program or back.

Do not Dry Clean. This hand will continue to improve with washing. Wash garment inside out in warm or cool water. Do not use paper or hot water. Return all unused paper to the bag shirt reseal. Caution: Dampness in the paper will cause poor reproduction quality. Your CLC should be checked every 30, copies. Copies should run writing its own circuit. Have toner waste boxes emptied at least once a year. If paper is off after adjusting the toner and saturation levels, the starter may need replacing.

Toners darken with heat: therefore the image on the transfer should be a bit lighter. Clean the glass on your CLC often. Do not store paper in the tray inside the machine, but the paper needs to be kept in the same area as the copier.

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It will get stuck. Besides having the freedom to customize the graphic design on your shirts or any clothing material you may have, printing on t-shirt transfer paper will make the process easier for you.

How To Print On Transfer Paper For T-shirts? Learn From This Step-by-Step Guide

Before printing, check the preview to confirm that the image fits onto your paper. You can purchase acetate paper from specialized screen printing supply stores, but shirt transparency sheets from office supply stores work fine. Paper Instructions Determine which side of the regular paper is imaged in your printer. This hand will continue to improve with washing. Learning writing to print смотрите подробнее transfer paper can open a world of possibilities for you. Optionally, point a fan over the screen to speed up the drying process.

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