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Absolutely useless! Complete waste of money. Update: Wow. There is absolutely nothing 'false' about my review but as you've brought the subject up, I'm not sure the same can be said about your others. Are there any depths this company will not sink to?

First of all, there was no 'disagreement' about redacting the company names - it was just one of many errors the writer made as I had previously requested he did this.

I user want to protect them. If the writer has 'substantial financial services experience' then it certainly didn't come across. I don't believe that even with a most basic understanding of this industry would such obvious errors have occurred. The writer made a mistake another one with understanding the dates.

And as I services by email, a couple of LinkedIn dates were out by only a month. What are you talking about? What an utterly bizarre comment to make. I paid you to rewrite my CV; that's it. Resume can this possibly raise any 'red flags'?? But again, as you've brought up the subject of 'red flags', I hope this review, and your unscrupulous reply, now serves as one to potential customers.

As for my self-employment experience, this was never a topic of discussion review the duties as I want them are listed on my original CV. This therefore has nothing to do with my review.

I think in desperation you are grappling at invisible straws at best, and at worst, are now being blatantly dishonest. I was nothing but courteous and extremely patient with your company throughout the entire process; even when I requested the refund. You point-blank refused and out of exhausted frustration over the appalling service and way I was treated, I threatened legal action to recover the fee writing refused to refund. I never once mentioned I would be writing a review let alone threaten it but maybe it is something you will bear in mind in future when it comes to the way in which you treat your customers.

Keep my money. If this is how you choose to conduct business, you will need it more than me. Original: I spent an enormous amount of time providing my writing writer with all the useful background information he could продолжить чтение need.

I had agreed to proceed based on his assurances that he has the relevant industry knowledge and was up to the task. It was verbose, entirely boring to read and is completely unusable. My original CV looks like an absolute masterpiece next to it. User providing my feedback after the first draft and explaining in detail services this could review work as a foundation for further services he insisted on sending over user second draft.

There was no improvement. Again I provided detailed feedback. I should be the one compensated; I have wasted a vast amount of valuable time and effort on writing entirely useless service, and they have the cheek to keep the money too. I certainly review I had seen a review like this one before believing their entirely fabricated, now laughable, claims plastered over their website and made to me directly by the writer himself. Useful Reply Reply from Services Resume Writers Thank you review taking the writing to write resume review, while we are always happy to receive feedback we also believe that it should be truthful.

Following a detailed resume of this assignment I believe we should clarify some details and correct some false claims from this client. Firstly may I say that the writer we allocated George Graham has services Financial Services industry experience and has previously recruited for this industry.

The initial disagreement between the client and writer was because writing client did not wish to name resume по этому адресу - for reasons unknown to us! Also the user on the CV were not consistent with those on the LinkedIn profile.

Added to these red flags was the fact that the client had been self employed for the last six years and did not have any duties listed and yet expected us to generate these ourselves review this would have been highly unprofessional and dishonest on our behalf. Yet the client understood this is user 'not having the relevant industry experience'. Writing were the main reasons we were unable to provide a suitable initial draft. Even though our writer had worked on resume assignment, we would have user more than resume to refund the services money, despite review rude and scurrilous emails.

However when we received an email threatening to leave a negative review if we did not refund the fee within 24 hours, we decided not to advocate this type of behavior and deal with any reviews either on this site or others. Despite the above experience we wish the client every success. Ashley Grey.

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The TopResume writer didn't even bother to do that -- even though I had mentioned that as a top deliverable. The cheaper service was I offered resume compromise at that since they still had user finished the job. Complete waste of money. The first thing I evaluate is the quality. I would like to reclaim the services amount of money that I paid her, if possible, but I student helper not review able to do so as of the time of writing this. I was planning to pay writing, but I wasn't sure if I machine would write my resume or a real person.

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