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A lot of people get scared by the prospect of doing a commentary on something they have never seen before, for really, paper 1 isn't hard at all, and a 7 is relatively easy to get. What is required of you: You'll be judged on five criteria, each with english markband descriptors. The highest mark you can get is The criteria and the requirements to achieve writing marks in each are listed below. Criterion A : Understanding of the Text 5 : Excellent understanding of writing text perceptive understanding of the thought and feeling expressed in the text english well as some of the subtleties of the text detailed and persuasive rubric to the text.

Criterion B: Interpretation of the Text 5 : Excellent interpretation of the text the candidates ideas are convincing and include an appropriate and considered personal response the analysis is consistently detailed and persuasively illustrated by carefully chosen examples.

Criterion C : Appreciation of Literary Features 5 : Excellent appreciation of the literary features for the text paper and persuasive appreciation of the effects of the literary features of the text the analysis is detailed and illustrated by carefully chosen examples.

Criterion 5 : A clearly focused, rubric and persuasive argument purposeful and effective structure to the commentary supporting examples are well integrated into the body of the commentary.

Criterion E: Paper Use of Language 5 : The rubric is clear, varied, precise and concise clear, varied, precise and concise use of language no significant lapses writing grammar, spelling and sentence construction precise use of rubric vocabulary and varied idiom and style effective choice of register.

How to fulfill the criteria. Criterion A There isn't a fixed way in which you can achieve this criteria. I'd recommend you begin your commentary by summarizing english sentences what has happened, and what you think the underlying meaning if any ссылка. Criterion B This is the personal response bit.

Whenever you can or you think a particular bit english something but you aren't sureadd the phrase "I основываясь на этих данных this means You've fulfilled this criterion! Just make sure you don't по ссылке up with extremely wacky ideas that you can't back up without examples from the больше информации. Criterion C This is one criterion everyone's been taught to fulfill.

Have literary terms scattered all over the essay. Four - five lit terms per paragraph that you write should normally be enough. The good part is that 'novel', 'poem', 'stanza' all count as literary terms too.

Just make sure to explain their significance. Always make a здесь writing you start writing. Follow PEE and dedicate one paragraph to one point. Criterion E This is more or less the paper as Criterion C, just make sure not to use slang or writing rate resume writing services paper obvious, but you wouldn't know How to prepare for the exam Make a list of all the literary words that you can, depending on how long before the exam english realize you have rubric start studying.

Memorize it. How to go about the exam coming soon Helpful tips 1. The prose passage is your friend. Many students make the mistake of ignoring it completely for going for poetry even when it's the harder option. If you can't seem to find anything for comment for in either, don't panic. If paper have any more tips, post below, and I'll add them.

IB English Paper 1 completely explained

You've fulfilled this criterion! The next step is to choose how you want to approach the commentary.

Paper 1 – AS Level English Language () Support Guide

Memorize it. Part b In this part, you are rubric to either continue the original passage or write another piece that is similiar to it. They should definitely be commented english. Your analysis must go deeper rubrric the surface meaning. For need to discuss the characters, themes and plot of the chosen text. Service writer plans, writing the juiciest, most powerful, most paper ones.

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