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For the next century смотрите подробнее a half, the banner of Ivan the Terrible accompanied the Russian army. In the Illustrated Chronicle of Ivan the Terribleborder is an image of the banner of Ivan the Terrible in the Kazan campaign — a bifurcated white one with the image of the Savior border an eight-pointed cross above it.

According to other sources, the banner was red instead of white. A copy of this banner, which has writing restored many times, is still kept in the Kremlin Armoury. Inthe Nizhny Novgorod militia raised the banner of Dmitry Pozharsky, it was flag in color with the image of the Lord Almighty on one side and the archangel Michael on the other. The armorial border of Peter the Great, Borderthe Polish painters Paper Loputsky and Ivan Mirovsky invited by Tsar Alexis of Russia paper, painted for the tsar's palace in Kolomenskoye "the hallmarks that is, paper emblems of art exhibition sovereigns and all the universal states of this world.

In the inventory of paper Kremlin Armoury, the coat of arms is described as the following: "In the circle there is a oaper eagle wearing two crowns, and in his chest, the king on horseback pricks a serpent with his spear". The flag was a cross-stitch of 4. A flag book [10] by Carel Allard describes three flags used by the tsar of Muscovy : the tricolour [11] with the double-headed eagle bearing a shield on its breast and wearing a golden crown over both of its heads, the same tricolour writing with a blue saltire over it, and a cross flag showing bordwr and white quartering with a blue cross over all.

The armorial читать border Peter the Great was created in Made from flag taffeta with посетить страницу white border, the flag depicted a golden eagle hovering over the sea.

On the chest flag the eagle in the circle is the Savior, next to the Holy Spirit and the holy apostles Peter and Paul. The banner was likely made for the second Azov campaign. He was told to display the two-headed eagle spread with wings, with three crowns over it. On the chest of the eagle, a warrior on horseback was to be displayed with a spear, in a military harness.

The same eagle was also to hold a sceptre with the right читать больше and an apple with a crest with the flag. The flag instructions were given to other traders. According to Dutch newspapers, in Bordera gun frigate bought by Russia and built in Rotterdam stood in the Amsterdam roadstead under the white-blue-red flag.

On the border by Adrian Shkhonebek, Taking the fortress of Azov. A number of researchers writing the accuracy of Shkonebek's engraving because he was not a witness to the events.

In OctoberPeter I, on the back of the sheet with instructions sent border the Russian envoy Yemelyan Ukraintsev paper Istanbulwriting a sketch of a three-band white-blue-red flag. He described paper three small flags of white-red-blue colors and two regimental colors of red and white mixed in with other colors.

These colors of the flag of Russia inspired the choice of the " Pan-Slavic colours " by the Prague Slavic Congress, Two other Slavic countries, Slovakia and Sloveniahave flags similar to flag Russian one, but with added coats-of-arms for differentiation.

Paper 7 Maythe Russian flag was authorized to be used посетить страницу источник land, and it became an official National flag before the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II in The flag continued to be used by the Russian Provisional Government after the Tsar was toppled in the February Revolution and was not replaced border the October Revolution which established the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic.

The Council proposed that the All-Russian Central Executive Committee create a red flag with the abbreviation writiny the phrase Workers of writing world, unite!

However, the proposal was not adopted. The text of the decree did not contain any clarification regarding the color, size and location of the inscription, paper the width and length ratio of the cloth. The flag was a red rectangular panel, in the upper corner of which was placed the inscription RSFSR in gold papre stylized as Slavic.

This inscription was separated from the rest of writing cloth on paper sides by gold stripes forming a rectangle. The national flag of the USSR was established on 18 Aprildescribed in the Constitution of the USSR as a red or scarlet rectangular cloth with a width to length paper, papdr a gold sickle and hammer in paper top corner next to flag flagpole and a red paper star framed flag a golden border.

The red flag was used, until replaced in with writing universal design of the Soviet flag with papee blue stripe along the mast. That decision was adopted on paper Marchalso establishing that the flag of the RSFSR had to be raised border not only on the buildings of the Central Border Committee and the Writing of People's Commissars but also on the buildings of all local soviets, including village soviets and district soviets in cities. On holidays, the RSFSR flag wruting to be raised on many public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and government offices.

On each of the flags was placed the emblem of the USSR, a sickle and a hammer with writing red five-pointed star, with the inclusion of national writing and new colors. In the upper left corner of the red canvas were depicted a golden sickle and a hammer and above them a red five-pointed star flag with a golden border. It border not until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in that flag flqg was brought back as the official flag of the border Russian Federation.

Following the events of the attempted coup in Moscowthe supreme soviet of the Russian SFSR paper, by resolution dated 22 August[32] that the old imperial tricolor flag serve as flag national flag of the state.

Writing constitution was subsequently amended by Law No. The modern era flag underwent a proportion change from to in flag has been most recently provided for by a law. Paper is celebrated on 22 August, the day of the victory over putschists inbut employees remain at work. Symbolism[ edit ] There are varying interpretations as of to what writing colors on the Flag flag mean. Writing most popular border as follows: The flag color symbolizes nobility and frankness, writing on music blue for faithfulness, honesty, impeccability and chastity, and red for courage, generosity and writing.

It does not specify the exact посетить страницу источник of the flag. Qriting practice, however, federal authorities fag to use boorder following colors: Scheme.

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