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3 Things to Consider When Buying a Futon

The first futons were invented by the Japanese and were simply mattresses that could be rolled up when not in use. Eventually, they evolved into mattresses that rested on metal or wooden frames. Futons have become popular multi-purpose furniture pieces that are often used as combination sofas and beds. Manufacturers offer dozens of models. However, it is easy to find a detailed article online that helps shoppers choose a futon. Most experts advise customers to buy products that match their decorating styles, are comfortable sofas, and include quality mattresses.

A Good Mattress Is Essential

Futon mattresses are sold in a range of sizes, thicknesses, and materials. Customers who plan to sleep on their futons should choose mattresses that match their sleeping needs. Experts suggest choosing mattresses that are at least six inches thick. Mattresses may be filled with foam, wool, cotton, and innerspring coils. Inexpensive products have cotton batting or wool filling that is somewhat hard but fine for occasional sleeping needs. Foam also works for short-term use. However, mattresses with innerspring coils provide the most support and comfort for those who sleep on them every night.

A Futon Should Be a Comfortable Sofa

Since futons are basically convertible sofas, customers should use sofa-buying guidelines when shopping. It is important to measure the futon and its mattress to ensure it will fit in the intended space. Buyers should also sit on futons and test them for comfort. Many styles are quite plush and soft enough for hours of sitting. If customers plan to lounge on their futons, they should make sure they buy models that are also long enough.

There Is a Futon for Every Decorating Style

Manufacturers offer futons in styles ranging from basic industrial metal frames to elaborate pieces that replicate expensive daybeds. With so many options, shoppers should look around to find a futon that matches their decorating tastes. They can locate contemporary, traditional, and modern futons in wood and metal. There are also dozens of different mattress covers that can be changed to suit owners’ needs.

Futons have become very popular furniture pieces because they function as sofas and beds. Manufacturers make futons in dozens of styles and sizes. Customers can also find styles for every budget and comfort requirement.