Container Gardening Tips

Here is one of the most helpful container gardening tips. A tip that helps your plants develop a strong and healthy root growth and helps with the problem of drying-out if you’re away from your garden for a short while – without a friendly neighbour doing you a favour and coming round to water your plants.

Successful watering is a key issue for container gardening tips and many people have suggested different ideas to overcome the problem. Some use watering systems controlled by a timer, some use plastic sheeting to line the container to keep the soil moist. Others opt for using loose water storing granules mixed generously within the compost. Now there is another way for you to consider, one of the really effective container gardening tips you’re likely to come across.

There is a way to create an oasis inside your container just where you want it at root level to encourage root growth. This will not only produce some beautiful blooms in all kinds of container, and it will keep your plants happy for a few days and help prevent them drying out. Of course, if you place your containers in the shade and give them a good watering before you leave the house will also help. Sprinkling a mulch of small pebbles on top of the soil when you’re away will reduce evaporation and is also one of the simplest container gardening tips.

A new idea has been developed that traps water absorbing granules within two layers of capillary matting. The capillary matting allows roots to penetrate and absorb water form the swollen water storing granules. This effectively creates a water source at root level. Unlike other water storing granules on the market this type breaks down naturally within the soil at the end of season. They also release a trace of potassium into the soil that has an enriching effect. The matting that form the capillary shields are produced from polymer fibres that is non-toxic and do not contain sodium salts. During the season if you use a liquid feed when you water, the nutrition within the feed benefits that plant by being absorbed by the granules, instead of pouring right-through the container. When it comes to effective container gardening tips this is one that you will see the evidence of wonderful blooms with your own eyes and witness some very happy plants.

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