Frugal Garden Tips For the Gardener

With the price of produce going higher and higher these days, a lot of people are planting gardens. However, if you’re not careful, a garden can also cost more money than you might expect. You can avoid this, though, if you adhere to the following frugal garden tips. They will save you money without compromising the quality of your garden.


First, plant from seeds rather than starts. Although this takes some patience, the savings are well worth it. You can get dozens of plants for less than a single pack of starts. This is one of those frugal garden tips that people rarely follow, though, because they don’t want to wait for their plants to come up. So if you do decide to buy seedlings, purchase smaller ones. They cost less than larger plants, and adjust easier when they are transplanted. Also, you can turn one plant into many by taking cuttings and collecting seeds. But be sure that any plant you collect seeds from is open pollinated. Otherwise, it will not grow plants that are true to the original.

Another way to save is to work with friends and neighbors. You can trade your extra seeds with them, and swap any cuttings you might have. If you grow too much of something, make a deal with a neighbor for some of their excess crop. Since plants are much cheaper when bought in bulk, split an order with a friend. You may even find yourself swapping frugal garden tips! Everyone has some neat little bit of advice to help you save money.

Finally, use what you have and do not let anything go to waste. When you are raking up your leaves or cleaning your garden, save the rubbish instead of throwing it away. Eventually, it will become great compost. Every time you empty a container, think about how it might be used in your garden. You may be able to plant seeds in it or use it to cover seedlings. It may even provide a good barrier for keeping pests away. Even old newspapers can help your garden by keeping weeds down. In short, do not toss anything into the garbage before thinking about it in terms of frugal garden tips. You may find that you actually need to buy less things than you thought.