Gardens – Garden Tips

Another hectic week in the gardens, the phone has been ringing non- stop this week with everyone wanting something carried out in either their front or back garden, but as usual the trouble is that they want it done yesterday! Unfortunately it does not work like that, with some customers getting quite upset because you say there is a waiting list; luckily these people are in the minority.

Some clients make us smile after telling them there is a waiting list they respond with “but we only live in the next village” we just grin and say politely “it does not matter whether they live next door or 100 miles away there is still the same waiting list” and the response is generally “can’t you just squeeze us in”.

We do make every effort to help these people out, as we know that when you have made your mind up to get something done you just want to get on with it, so we will try and help them by passing them on to a couple of good friends of ours in the same line of business, but quite often the people who contact us have been recommended to us by friends and family where we have worked and so the list goes on as they then become quite willing to wait until we can carry out the required work in their gardens.

Garden Tips

As the last article on advice and tips on laying a new lawn in your garden we thought we would carry on the theme. Yours garden lawns need to be de-thatched or scarified, what this means is that all the dead bits of grass that have found their way down to the bottom and the grass blades that are laying on the surface need to be brought back up to the surface and disposed of.

There are two different ways of doing this, the first method and the hardest is to rake it by hand, this is carried out by using a lawn rake – the type with the springy tines.

Place the rake down on to the lawn, stand sideways to the rake so it goes diagonally across your body, now place one hand at the top of garden rake and the other about half way down and pull back rake with a slight upward arc so that you flick the tines on the rake. Repeat this process, getting in a rhythm, you will find that it will bring the dead grass and moss to surface just leaving the blades of grass standing up with the ground being nice and clear. A good garden tip is to then just run your mower over the lawn and collect all the rubbish.

Method two and three

You can buy a mower with an interchangeable head that you can use or you can hire a dedicated scarifier from a local hire company or even some large DIY outlets.

These machines are used just the same as if you were cutting the grass. Just go up and down covering the lawn with a slight overlap on the previous pass. Once you have covered the complete area use your mower to collect all the rubbish up that was brought to the surface. Once this is carried out do another complete scarifying of the whole area but at a 90 degree angle to the previous one, then just as before pick up all the rubbish with your mower.

Two good garden tips here are if you have an interchangeable head it is best to borrow a neighbours mower to collect the rubbish so you save time changing heads and also do not put the rubbish you collect on your compost heap, bag it up and take to your local recycling centre.

If you need to hire a scarifier another good tip would be to share it with your friends and neighbours, keeping costs to a minimum and everybody will benefit from having great looking healthier lawns next season.