Professional Gardener

There are hundreds professional gardener tips that have been shared with me over the years, from great gardeners of the past and present. Most of the professional gardener tips have to do with growing of plants and soil preparation. I feel this needs to be shared with you too.

It is my hope that in no way you or they think I have in any way laid claim to these gardening tips, my only intent is to share with you professional gardener tips from the green thumb geniuses of gardening. The southern exposure is tops on the list, followed by eastern, western, finally northern exposures

Let’s start with the ground, avoid planting in ground that are in shadows for an extended period. Now grab a shovel and take a walk out to where you intend to put your garden. Cut yourself out a shovel of earth I would like you to examine the amount of top soil you have in the area of your garden.

No matter what you find know it can be improved, be it sand or clay even loam by starting today you can improve the ground for planting as the years go by the ground will grow healthier. Healthy plants grow from healthy soil; I think you will find less insects around healthier plants another plus.

Professional gardener tips of the soil, check the ground for signs of life when all the elements are in sink, you will find worms, insects, small ground critters, which are needed to produce bacteria for soil decomposition, if life is present, all are signs of Gods good growing ground.

Take the soil in your hands is it damp? Sort of sticks together in clumps, these are signs that help is needed. It could be sandy if this is the case, it is exhibiting signs of low nutrients, fertilizer, possibly mulch, may be the answer.